Where do capitalists get their wealth?

Below is a presentation that visually depicts some basic aspects of capitalist society.

The presentation works best if you click the “more” button in the lower right hand corner then click “full screen.” If the “more” button doesn’t appear at first then click the arrow icon once. When viewing the presentation, use the arrow icons or the left and right arrows on your keyboard to move forward and backward. You can pause the presentation by clicking on it. You can navigate among the components of the presentation by clicking and dragging the background. You can resume the presentation by pressing the arrow button.

The presentation is based in part on the post “Do you really want to overthrow capitalism?”

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  1. […] capitalism?”, and again in a post here at libcom called Workers, The State and Struggle. In another piece I tried to use visuals to help give an overview of the basics in terms of Marx’s writings. […]

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