The editors of Recomposition are Alex Erikson, Adam Weaver, Juan Conatz, Madaline Dreyfus, Nate Hawthorne, Phinneas Gage, Rachel Stafford, and Scott Nappalos. We are a group of revolutionaries coming from diverse traditions who have a common practice in workplace organizing. Through collaborating on different projects in unions and in political organizations, we came together. After years of working together, we have developed a shared framework of analysis, practice, and theory about work, organizing, and the role of workplace struggle in building towards a revolutionary society. We believe we have an original perspective based on experience and reflection. We also recognize that this perspective is partial and provisional. We set up this blog to both share the views we have developed and to help ourselves further develop our perspective.

We don’t necessarily all agree with everything on the site. This collective publication is a tool we hope can be taken up, debated, and utilized by workplace organizers and revolutionaries, while at the same time deepening our own unity, thinking, and practice.

We welcome and encourage people to get in touch with us. You can contact us privately by emailing us at recomposition.blog[AT]gmail[DOT]com. We have an announcement email list for people who want to know when we post a new article. It’s low traffic, about one email every week or two. If you want to be on that list, email us. Or, follow us on twitter or facebook.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Like the site comrades! Look forward to more of your writings…

  2. reads like I know these people,

  3. […] we post an analysis of the ongoing Canadian postal strike. The article comes from the new blog, Recomposition, and that the aim of the strike is a struggle for “future workers” and for […]

  4. I’m checking this out because it was advertised in the Industrial Worker. still finding my way around. I prefer newsletter and paper journals to websites… I’m here for the meat and navigating around a new website is never fun for me. The project seems very interesting and useful. I will root around this site for a while.

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