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Update on translation of Waves of Struggle

Posted in Uncategorized on August 7, 2011 by recompositionblog

As mentioned in the last post, we recently found a translation of Phinneas’s Waves of Struggle article. With some help we’ve gotten more info about this. Farideh S. did the translation, thanks very much Farideh! Farideh also wrote a good introduction to the piece. That introduction in English is pasted below. The people who posted the article describe themselves as “anti-wage-labour activists,” they also maintain this web site in English – Check it out.

Thanks again comrades, and great to meet you.

Farideh’s interoduction to the translation of Waves of Struggle:
CUPW writes, “Canada post is planning to invest two and a half billion dollars in the modernization of postal delivery”. The union believes that these investments will have a negative effect on the workers. These changes will decrease safety for mail carriers by forcing them to carry more letters. Less time will be spent on sorting mail and a larger burden will be put on workers involved in mail delivery. One potential problem for mail carriers will be the fact that it will be harder to read address’ while carrying too many bags of mail. The mechanization of parts of Canada post will also be used to justify hiring freezes, even though there is a significant labour shortage. Another result of this mechanization will be that there will be more night shifts and less day shifts. The work will be harder and more dangerous. CUPW says that none of the supposed benefits of this new system will be seen by the workers. Management has not acknowledged any of this and has kept very tight lipped about any potential problems with these investments. Canada post is currently hiring temporary workers to deal with it’s staff shortages, instead of permanent employees to make it easier to get rid of them later. Another reason for hiring temporary instead of permanent employees is they can be offered lower wages and less benefits. This is also an attempt to weaken the union and divide the workers.

I believe in the struggles of any worker fighting anywhere in the world for better working conditions. And that workers should determine their own fate and take on all decision making. The best workplaces are the ones where the workers are in charge without government or private ownership. The workers should continue the fight until they control the means of production. When a workplace is not run by it’s workers there are significant problems with bureaucracy and the hierarchy that separates the decision making at the top and the actual work at the bottom. I attempted to translate this web posting as closely to the authors intentions as possible. I believe the author to be a union supporting radical left winger.

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