Hey friends, go read the new web site.

Posted in Administrative/housekeeping on July 17, 2013 by recompositionblog

Comments on this site are now closed because we’ve moved to a new site, recomposition.info. We don’t want to have discussions happening on both sites, and we’ve been getting tons of spam comments here. We moved all the posts and comments to our new site, so if you want to comment on something, do it there.


Look at our new web site – recomposition.info

Posted in Administrative/housekeeping on February 17, 2012 by recompositionblog

We’re moving to a new site: http://recomposition.info/

All the previous content and comments on this site have moved to the new site. If you have further comments please make them at the new site.

Thank you to the friends who put it together for us, we really appreciate your hard work and are happy with how the new site looks.

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